Welcome to Sharon'ville.   I do a lot of pondering here. Admittedly it's a process that won't always end in epiphanies and rarely dabbles in rocket-science, --but feelgood'isms and hope?  Yes, that's my bag.
I love pancakes, creme brulee, and good wedding cake. Oh and caramel. Okay, carbs. I like a treadmill workout while listening to podcasts.  Enjoy elementary yoga, collecting plates, and fine balsamic vinegar.   Sitting under a tree, house shopping, and art.  I love sleep, a clean house, and dogs over cats (we have a cat).   I'm married, have a bunch of sons, a college degree, and a bag of varied employment experience.  (Including retail, office work, pizzeria waitress, legal analyst, and freelance writer.)
I see some beautiful things on blogs, and read some meaningful stuff.  I hunger after some gorgeous homes and design.   But 'not to compare' is my new motto.   This is where I will be me, think my thoughts, do my shtick, find what seems uplifting or enlightening, and share.  Generally I spend too much time on a post before uploading it.  In a curse and a blessing sort of way, putting my thoughts to paper (or screen) can be intense for me.  I think I run deep, but I still love to read shallow magazines during a pedi.


  1. Hi Sharon, I found your site after going to Meg Duerksen's page. I'm a s-a-h mom, wife, writer, etc, etc... Before I had my dau, I was a technical writer. We live near Huntsville, Alabama, so everyone here dabbles in rocket science. ;-) Hope you'll come visit me at www.thewritesteph.com! Blessings, Stephanie