Tuesday, March 31, 2015


photo by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

Scott Kelly, American Astronaut, and his Russian counterpart Mikhail Kornienko just landed at the International Space Station and will be spending a year there.  Cosmonaut Gennady Padalka traveled with them as well, but is on only a 6-month mission.  Most interesting is that Kelly's retired astronaut identical twin will be here on Earth, meaning scientists will have the opportunity to compare the effects on a body in space with its genetic double on Earth (news link).         (FuNzOnE:  in the Reply section below, name the continent in the picture correctly and I'll pretend to name a star after you!)

Principle in the type:  ". . . In the midst of this complexity, man finds himself. As he progresses from childhood to manhood, and as his slumbering faculties are awakened, he becomes more fully aware of the vastness of his universe and of the futility of hoping to understand it in detail.

“Nevertheless, conscious man can not endure confusion. Out of the universal mystery he must draw at least the general, controlling laws that proclaim order in the apparent chaos; and especially is he driven, by his inborn and unalterable nature, to know if possible his own place in the system of existing things.”    John A. Widtsoe  

Monday, March 30, 2015


photo by Matthieu Luna

It's okay if you don't.

Le Mont Saint-Michel is located in Normandy, France.  It has been one of France's most recognizable landmarks since ancient times.   In mid-March, "A supertide turned France's famed Mont Saint-Michel into an island," (news link).   It  was billed as the 'high tide of the century,' but really this does happen about every 18 years.  The landmark's narrow access roadway becomes cut-off from the mainland temporarily, and it is quite the sport to come and see.  This year as many as 10,000 gathered to watch.

Luckily no Man is an island!  Just islands are islands.

 Principle in the type:  "I believe that for most of us the best medicine for loneliness is work, service in behalf of others. I do not minimize your problems, but I do not hesitate to say that there are many others whose problems are more serious than are yours. Reach out to serve them, to help them, to encourage them. There are so many boys and girls who fail in school for want of a little personal attention and encouragement. There are so many elderly people who live in misery and loneliness and fear for whom a simple conversation would bring a measure of hope and happiness.”    Spencer W. Kimball

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Friday, March 27, 2015


photo by The Lowry

Have you got your mother's eyes?  Your grandfather's charm?  Your history was their present.  (If that makes sense in any other minds but mine!) 

Who Do You Think You Are is a great ride.  Annie's episode is no different.  Plus in her journey you get to listen to fantastic accents a Cali girl like me can only dream of.  There is a short clip below.  It's the weekend, so go to YouTube, kick back, and watch the whole thing!  Then go dig out your grandmom's journal or love letters.  It's all good.

"Singer and human rights activist Annie Lennox comes from working-class stock. 'Nobody came from money, nobody had a silver spoon,' she says of her family. Growing up, she was taught that 'hard work' and 'doing the right thing' were important. But why were these values so key to her parents? Are there answers to be found in the past?"  story link


Principle in the type:  "A life that is not documented is a life that within a generation or two will largely be lost to memory. What a tragedy this can be in the history of a family. Knowledge of our ancestors shapes us and instills within us values that give direction and meaning to our lives."     Dennis B. Neuenschwander

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


photo by Marie Richie

Last month's Long Beach, California, Scots Festival meant men in kilts.  "What a thrill it's been over the years, " remarked founder Marj Rankine (news link).  And she doesn't mean just because of the men in kilts (I think).  Meanwhile inland, James Ansite, Jr. runs a successful kilt making business, Sports Kilt, making and selling his popular line of kilts by the plaid'full.  And with his affordable line of kilts being constructed "out of a cooler and less itchy material," they are snapped up as quick as he can build them (news link).

I'm going to just say it:  A man in a kilt speaks volumes, including Oh Sweet Confidence. 

 Principle in the type:  "With confidence, you have won before you have started."   Marcus Garvey


Tuesday, March 24, 2015


photo by Ian Southwell

Ah, the animal kingdom.  So beautiful, so awe inspiring, so amazing!  This video gets to me.  But hey why not?  And why not learn a thing or two here about caring, and watching over each other. 

“The special thing about elephants is just how very social and empathic they are,"  said Brian Hare, a professor of psychology at Duke University, in this Time article (story link).


Principle in the Type:  "Indifference to others and their plight denies us life's sweetest moments of joy and service."    Marvin J. Ashton

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Monday, March 23, 2015


photo by Taymaz Valley

On the passing of Leonard Nimoy Feburary 27,  most news reporting quickly jumped to the fact that William Shatner was not attending the memorial service.   "I choose to honor a commitment I made months ago to appear at a charitable fundraiser," said Shatner, from Florida (news link).

That was more than enough to start the Shatner bashing.   Nimoy and Shatner had a storied history that included gossip on whether they'd ever really been friends or not.  Following the memorial service, Shatner's Twitter feed was alive with compliments directed towards Nimoy (story link), "one of my dearest friends."  Of course we want to believe they enjoyed each other's company.  Friendships are balm for the soul.

Principle in the type:  "Friendship . . . is not something you learn in school.  But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything."  Muhammad Ali

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Friday, March 20, 2015


photo by Kwp Kommunikacio

One time in the 80's Grace Jones wore a really big dress (which leads me to TLC's "My Big Gypsy Wedding" (see picture above) which leads me off topic), which leads me back to Grace's dress which was like 2-stories high (she must have been standing on a ladder inside it!) and black and white, which leads me to Katy Perry's Prismatic Tour Wujek-Marco dress (pic), which some are saying looks like Grace's and which they call the yin and the yang dress (watch it spin here), which yin and yang stuff leads me to men and women, which leads me to the marriage relationship.

 Principle in the type:  "Husbands and wives in great marriages make decisions unanimously, with each of them acting as a full participant and entitled to an equal voice and vote.  They focus first on the home and on helping each other with their shared responsibilities.  Their marriages are based on cooperation, not negotiation."   L. Whitney Clayton

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Thursday, March 19, 2015


photo by Beverly

You've heard of Chris Kyle.  His is the tale that is the book and movie American Sniper.  After 4 tours in the Iraq War, and many medals of honor he came home to stay with his wife Taya and their two children. 

In February 2013 he and friend Chad Littlefield were shot and killed by Eddie Ray Routh, whom they had accompanied to a Texas shooting range in an effort to help Rough deal with alleged PTSD.  All three men were ex-military. 

Routh was found guilty of both murders February 24, 2015.  "I don't know what I was thinking," Routh says in chilling video, which was recorded hours after the murders.  "I guess there needs to be more thinking in the world than hurting people."   news link   Is he evil?  Is he ill?  Was it ego?

Tragedy beginning to end. 

Principle in the type:  "What are you storing in your heart that is costing your energy, joy, and quality of life?"    Author Unknown

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


photo by Collapse The Light

Practice much?  Ok Go does.  I would say!!  Like for instance, the music video (here) they made last year "required 50 takes to get it right." story link   I'm also partial to this sweet little Ok Go jig (link).

Remember the "Here It Goes Again" video?  I mean do you get out much?  'Cause it was Everywhere at its peak!  The teenagers below nailed a re-do in their high school talent show (years back).

Anyhow, it's hump day!  Enjoy a little down time while these kids do all the work!!


Principle in the type:  "As long as you're having fun with it and giving it 100 percent, they're gonna feel that."    Heath Ledger   

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015


photo by Mike Kalasnik

You may recognize that as the entrance to your local Wal-Mart restroom (aah, sweet relief!) and you'd be right.  Or in some cases if you are looking for a meth lab, you'd be right as well.  "A restroom at a Wal-Mart in eastern Indiana has been closed indefinitely after an employee discovered a working meth lab inside. . . . Health Department inspectors closed the restroom[s] . . . until they could be "decontaminated" by a professional cleaning company.  State police say people who make methamphetamine are leaving "the deadly explosive chemicals in public places to return later to get the finished product," rather than risk explosions and contamination at their own homes." news link

What next you tend to want to ask yourself ?!

Principle in the type:  "We have implanted in our souls a desire to be free. . . . With that freedom, however, comes accountability. . . . We are expected to make our lives better through our own initiatives and efforts."      L. Tom Perry

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Monday, March 16, 2015


photo by Michael

Are the Lakers in, or are they out?  Have they got a team, or not?  The general Los Angeles consensus is they do Not have it going on right now.

"I've been assured by our basketball operations that the team will be back in contention soon.  If we are not meeting those goals, then changes have to occur," said Jeanie Buss, part owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers.  ". . we owe it to our shareholders, fans, and partners that we have to move in a different direction to get this team back into contention."   news link

The good news is goals, and things, can change!

Principle in the type"  ". . . three rules:  We [need to] have worthwhile goals.  We [can] change our goals at any time.  Whatever goal we [choose] . . . diligently work towards it."      Quentin L. Cook

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Friday, March 13, 2015


photo   Gytis Cibulskis   

photo Scott Moore

photo Peter Dutton

Because of electro and string quartet music, of course!  Duh.  That's if I could only pick two reasons, because the need to peacock would be a close third.

Part of a review written about the band Clean Bandit:  "Here's a good way to usher in the party season: with some party music . . . strings, courtesy not a sampler or some hired hands but the band themselves. . . . they formed at Cambridge University . . . and confirmed their desire to blend rhythms and violins."     news link

                                          (Warning: the following may give you dance-dance-fever)


Principle in the type:  "I encourage you to accept every opportunity presented to develop your talents and to share them with enthusiasm . . ."      Franklin D. Richards


                                                                                              HAPPY WEEKEND!

Thursday, March 12, 2015


photo by Smeerch

Zoolander characters Derek and Hansel surprise finished the Valentino runway show Tuesday in Paris, and in superior-fake-model-fashion.  Totally fun.  How do you say "those silly Americans," in French?

"There was no mistaking [Ben] Stiller for anyone other than the fierce Zoolander as he sashayed down the runway in a Valentino trench, casting Blue Steel in every direction.  He was followed by nemesis Hansel McDonald, played by [Owen] Wilson, showing off another Valentino coat over a pair of "lovely" pajamas, Wall Street Journalist fashion columnist Christina Binkley said."   story link


Principle in the type:  "Fun is good."   Dr. Seuss