Friday, March 20, 2015


photo by Kwp Kommunikacio

One time in the 80's Grace Jones wore a really big dress (which leads me to TLC's "My Big Gypsy Wedding" (see picture above) which leads me off topic), which leads me back to Grace's dress which was like 2-stories high (she must have been standing on a ladder inside it!) and black and white, which leads me to Katy Perry's Prismatic Tour Wujek-Marco dress (pic), which some are saying looks like Grace's and which they call the yin and the yang dress (watch it spin here), which yin and yang stuff leads me to men and women, which leads me to the marriage relationship.

 Principle in the type:  "Husbands and wives in great marriages make decisions unanimously, with each of them acting as a full participant and entitled to an equal voice and vote.  They focus first on the home and on helping each other with their shared responsibilities.  Their marriages are based on cooperation, not negotiation."   L. Whitney Clayton

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