Friday, March 13, 2015


photo   Gytis Cibulskis   

photo Scott Moore

photo Peter Dutton

Because of electro and string quartet music, of course!  Duh.  That's if I could only pick two reasons, because the need to peacock would be a close third.

Part of a review written about the band Clean Bandit:  "Here's a good way to usher in the party season: with some party music . . . strings, courtesy not a sampler or some hired hands but the band themselves. . . . they formed at Cambridge University . . . and confirmed their desire to blend rhythms and violins."     news link

                                          (Warning: the following may give you dance-dance-fever)


Principle in the type:  "I encourage you to accept every opportunity presented to develop your talents and to share them with enthusiasm . . ."      Franklin D. Richards


                                                                                              HAPPY WEEKEND!

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