Monday, March 30, 2015


photo by Matthieu Luna

It's okay if you don't.

Le Mont Saint-Michel is located in Normandy, France.  It has been one of France's most recognizable landmarks since ancient times.   In mid-March, "A supertide turned France's famed Mont Saint-Michel into an island," (news link).   It  was billed as the 'high tide of the century,' but really this does happen about every 18 years.  The landmark's narrow access roadway becomes cut-off from the mainland temporarily, and it is quite the sport to come and see.  This year as many as 10,000 gathered to watch.

Luckily no Man is an island!  Just islands are islands.

 Principle in the type:  "I believe that for most of us the best medicine for loneliness is work, service in behalf of others. I do not minimize your problems, but I do not hesitate to say that there are many others whose problems are more serious than are yours. Reach out to serve them, to help them, to encourage them. There are so many boys and girls who fail in school for want of a little personal attention and encouragement. There are so many elderly people who live in misery and loneliness and fear for whom a simple conversation would bring a measure of hope and happiness.”    Spencer W. Kimball

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  1. Can I pleeeeeeeeeease borrow the Spencer Kimball quote at the bottom?? :)) I love this.

  2. my goodness, of course! it's a keeper, right?!!

  3. I love this picture... It is so fantasy like. I need to go! I liked the principle you applied to it as well. Kimball is a keeper!