Sunday, March 1, 2015


photo Be Swifty

Right?  I mean she Just. Seems. Nice.  There's always news about her reaching out to others.  (And she's beautiful!  How come I don't hear the media gush on about that?)  
This weekend once again I came across a story about Taylor, just being sweet.  And last November I remember reading this narrative about a package she had delivered to an admirer, moving from her childhood home.    story link 

On another occasion she sent a fan this inspiring message about being optimistic when things get rough:  "Sometimes we feel like we have no control over the endless waves of bad luck we seem to be experiencing.  But one thing you do have control over is your outlook.  Your mindset is yours to control and as hard as it is to step back from the situation and have blind faith that things will change for the better, it's our only option other than ending up in a downward spiral"   story link

Good work Taylor Swift!   I wish we were yoga buddies, in a book club together, or had regular pedicure dates.  I like the way you roll ~

Principle in the type:  "May we be models of kindness."  Joseph B. Wirthlin

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