Monday, March 16, 2015


photo by Michael

Are the Lakers in, or are they out?  Have they got a team, or not?  The general Los Angeles consensus is they do Not have it going on right now.

"I've been assured by our basketball operations that the team will be back in contention soon.  If we are not meeting those goals, then changes have to occur," said Jeanie Buss, part owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers.  ". . we owe it to our shareholders, fans, and partners that we have to move in a different direction to get this team back into contention."   news link

The good news is goals, and things, can change!

Principle in the type"  ". . . three rules:  We [need to] have worthwhile goals.  We [can] change our goals at any time.  Whatever goal we [choose] . . . diligently work towards it."      Quentin L. Cook

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