Monday, May 11, 2015


photo by Kate Haskell

Yes, senior pranks are an animal all there own, but still, I mean, come on, right?  Let's use a little judgement kiddos, please?   "Officials say a senior 'prank' at an East Tennessee high school that left the floors littered with trash, hay, urine and dead animals took things too far."     news link

Principle in the type: "[Youth], now is the time to set your course, to establish fundamental priorities. You will learn to select from many good and bad things those that are . . . most important."     Richard G. Scott    

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  1. I just read about another one where some kid released something like 70,000 ladybugs inside the school as a joke. Haha, real funny guys. Obviously you aren't moms (or HS janitors) who are used to cleaning up other people's crap.