Friday, May 1, 2015


photo by Daniel Oines

Walter "Chick" McGill has come a long way.  Across the nation, that is.  He is a 69 year old, newly converted pastor, who heard the call three years ago to ". . . do the right thing."  That's what society has to get back, "being good to each other," he believes.  McGill's form of preaching this message was to walk across the nation, and he is almost there -- reaching the pier in Santa Monica, California any day.  Say what you will about his way of proclamation, but 'being good to each other,' sounds pretty nice about now.   news link

Principle in the type: "There is no end to the good we can do, to the influence we can have with others. Let us not dwell on the critical or the negative."  Gordon B. Hinckley

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  1. Thank you for posting this on your blog. I feel very honored. Perhaps there was some confusion in the news? I have been a pastor in Tennessee for about 27 years, and yes, God called me to do a coast-to-coast national prayer walk, carrying the American flag and promoting "a new birth of freedom and integrity" in America. The "principle" of this is basically "the Golden Rule" -- treating others well as you would like them to treat you. I arrived at the Pier at noon on April 29th after walking 3,242 miles during 233 days of walking. ABC Eyewitness News documented my arrival, and I cried -- it was a difficult trek. May God's best be yours.

    1. Thank you for the clarifications and update!