Friday, April 3, 2015


photo by Susan Bassett

I'm old school.  I like to see the kiddos doing the whole Easter eggs things.  Coloring them, finding them, Easter bonnets, baskets.

At Pastor Dan Mendoza's church Easter celebration in the O.C., there is a 20,000 egg hunt, bounce houses, and even 3-D movies, but "the challenge, he [says], is to move beyond the glitz and 'get to the heart of the message.' "  news link

Well wherever you are coming from on the whole Easter subject, it is a lovely message each Spring time:  Renew, and live again.

Principles in the type:  "Almost everywhere we look in nature, there is some provision for renewal. . . . The natural world is a study in the absolute necessity of constant renewal.   As marvelous as this power of renewal is in the world around us, it is even more compelling when we realize that it extends to us as well—individual human beings . . . we can renew and refresh and rejuvenate our spirits here and now in a manner just as miraculous as anything we see in nature. . . . love spring and the possibilities accompanying its sunrises.    Darin Cozzens

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  1. Nature is a beautiful escape to find leave and comfort :)