Tuesday, September 8, 2015


photo by Dennis Skley

Now 18 years old, Anthony Sukto was stabbed by his father and left for dead as an 8 year-old, immediately following the stabbing death of his mother.  That part of the story is too horrifying to dwell on.   Sukto survived, is well - mentally and emotionally  - and an example to others for sure.  " 'Every time I would think of my dad, I would think of hate," says Anthony. "the only way I could find peace and love within myself was to forgive my father.' "    story          

Principle in the type:  "The spirit must be freed from tethers so strong and feelings never put to rest, so that the lift of life may give buoyancy to the soul. . . . Only forgiveness heals."    Thomas S. Monson


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