Tuesday, September 29, 2015


photo by Kate Ter Haar

"A sobbing former prison worker who helped two murderers escape from a maximum-security lockup said she regretted her 'horrible mistake' as she was sentenced" yesterday in New York state.   In tears Joyce Mitchell apologized and cried throughout most of her sentencing.    news         You can't let the bad guys out of jail, lady.  I mean that's like in the Top 20 of rules, right?     

Principle in the type:  "Neutrality is a nonexistent condition in this life.  We are always choosing, always taking sides.  That is part of the human experience . . . facing them not only on the good days but on the days we are down, the days we are tired, rejected, discouraged or sick. . . . It is an integral part of the human experience.    Tad R. Callister      

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