Tuesday, January 27, 2015


So, yesterday's  post reminded me of the most touching commercial I saw, mid a televised football game last month.  Around the house now I am considered an utter sap because of a McDonald's commercial, but I don't care!  I have feelings!!
True the commercial is in video form not type, but there is type in it and those are the words that get me so emotional.  Go ahead and watch, then we will reconvene:


Aah the humanity of it!!  Publicly expressing Hope?  Caring for others?  Long marriages?  Praying for a stranger?  Celebrations?  Patriotism?  Just, somebody get me a tissue . . .

Principle in the type:  "Earth's crammed with Heaven. . . . "  Elizabeth Barrett Browning


  1. Sharon - loved the commercial

  2. So what's the message? "Never mind the hamburgers, come order some emotional validation"? Advertising is sure going far afield these days. I'm there for lunch, not therapy.