Monday, January 26, 2015


photo by Mike Mozart

McDonald's had a rough few quarters . . . and I'm not talking about the quarter pounder.  I'm talking about those spaces of periods that a business measures finances by.  It reports here (article link) :  "The worlds largest hamburger chain reported falling earnings and sales for its fourth quarter on Friday and says it is going to take action to save money and bring customers back, including slowing down some restaurant openings."  I'm not exactly going to shed crocodile tears for them, because you want to talk 'slowing down?!'  McDonald's has done nothing but slow down my metabolism for years!!  But yah, okay, hopefully they can work it all out and be in the money again.  Poor babies.  Being in the money can take a while, as many of us know (Lol Lol Lol) .

Here's what I'm really trying to get to -- "The fast-food giant said its problems won't be fixed overnight."    True that.  You'all know problems are rarely fixed overnight?

 Principle in the type:  "I learned that patience was far more than simply waiting for something to happen—patience required actively working toward worthwhile goals and not getting discouraged when results didn’t appear instantly or without effort."  Dieter Uchtdorf

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