Saturday, January 24, 2015


photo by Sarah Ackerman

Bette Midler.  (Remember this song?  It OWNED the late 80's.  She sang it at the Oscars last year, and I mostly remember her at the Oscars because she wore this dress which I thought was crazy sick! (that means good in hipster talk). Just beautiful.  Anyways, I digress . . .  )

In this article she spoke about "what I know now," and I enjoyed it immensely.  In fact it may have to be a two-part'r post.  Married, for over 30 years to Martin von Haselberg, and mother to one child, daughter Sophie von Haselbert, 27, she's gathered some wisdom (and flaws? Because I'm assuming she's like all of us?) through the years.   

About marriage, she said this:  "A good marriage isn't for divas. . . . It's best to pick your fights wisely and just meditate.  Stay calm.  Don't go from zero to 60 in two seconds.  Don't diminish each other.  Don't try to make each other wrong all the time.  The blaming is the worst part.  Honestly, you have to learn not to do that."

Principle (literally) in the type:  "Time passes in a flash, and as they say, it's not a rehearsal."  Bette Midler

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