Monday, March 7, 2016


photo by Uri Tours

When the Ann Landers advice column suggested not washing one's golf balls in one's kitchen sink, hoopla erupted.  "We routinely wash fruits and vegetables in the kitchen sink, and they have dirt and chemicals on them. . . . Get over it!" said one reader.  Another, "everyone uses the ball washers at each tee or wets a towel and wipes them," not a big deal.  It went on and on from there.  The point is I think - make your reasoned decision, and do it!        story                  

Principle in the type:  "We wait and we question, we work the angles and list the pros and cons, while we move one step up and two back toward actually taking actions.  We delude ourselves that we are doing our due diligence when mostly we are just treading water in a perfectly heated pool of laziness, comfort and fear.  You can't study the map forever.  At some point it's time to start walking; there is only so much daylight."        Rob Lowe

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