Friday, March 25, 2016


photo by Carla Cometto

The funny side of politics? Oh Please!! It's a nightmare right now!  .... wait a second.  Here's something that might make you chuckle.  Take a load off from the presidential race, and enjoy:


(And below?  A little theory on opposites, and competition.)

Principle in the type:  "Various schools of thought about forest management have been followed through the years . . . a test plot was selected for a practice known as release thinning.  Foresters identified what they felt were potentially the largest and healthiest young trees in the test plot, and then they cut and pruned out the less-promising trees and the competing undergrowth.  The supposition was that by removing much of the competition for water, sunlight, and soil nutrients, the chosen trees would be released to grow and develop in extraordinary ways. . . . After some years it became obvious that just the opposite was occurring.  Once freed from competition, the chosen trees became complacent.  Instead of stretching upward toward the light, they slowed their vertical growth, put out many lower limbs that eventually became useless when the canopy closed, and became fatter.  None of the trees in the test plot compared in size or vitality to the trees that had to compete and overcome opposition in order to survive and thrive."     Marlin K. Jensen    

                                                                  Happy Easter Weekend, Lovies!  I'm a Believer!

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