Tuesday, May 10, 2016


photo by Ester Vargas

I can tell you this:  On Twitter Katy Perry is number one.  But on Instagram Selena Gomez is king.   Taylor Swift you ask?  No. 3 on Twitter, with only 72.8 million followers.  What's a girl to do?   President Obama Tweets behind her at No. 4 in followers, and ... Well I could go on.   Just know that yes, Bieber and Rihanna, are heavy in the mix also.  Me, I'm in a race for 1,628,999 place on Instagram.  I'm keepin' it real.  

Principle in the type:  "We're spread.  We have so many more opportunities to connect with people, and yet --  to connect deeply and vertically and all the layers of things that take time and focus and shutting off everything, --the tv [your texting, your typing] .... there's so much competition for eyeballs --but really, there's so much competition for your soul.  Where do you connect?  Where do you put your feeling, and your love, and your need and your yearning and all that?   It isn't satisfied--no matter how far you go--in that wide network. ... you have to go deep for it."         Meryl Streep   

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