Tuesday, May 17, 2016


photo by Boris Johnson

In the old days being called a cow wasn't a great thing.  If I do the being-called-a-cow-math, it's probably still not great.  But what if even cow's have beauty pageants?   May 7th, "hundreds of cows and bulls walked the ramp in a north Indian town . . . in a bovine beauty pageant . . . "   The pageant was an effort to raise awareness about domestic breeds and animal health.  If your animal was paraded before the judges, it'd get points for good-looks, length of horns, or "milk-yielding capacities." story              ~And, um, humans can get points for a lot of things too.

Principle in the type:  "Increments.  It's what my father said to me every morning before I left for school.  He meant every test, every quiz, every paper adds up to the final grade.  In life, everything counts."   Milo Ventimiglia

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