Sunday, October 23, 2016


photo by Xavier Badosa

Bob Dylan is being pretty quiet about winning the 2016 Nobel prize in Literature.  The first musician ever.  Are lyrics poetry?  Is Dylan Nobel prize material?  That's up to you.  Meanwhile, his silence in the matter has struck some as ill-mannered.   I mean it is an honor.   Though he doesn't speak officially for the Swedish Academy, academy member Dagens Nyheter, said, 'One can say that it is impolite and arrogant.' "     story            
Fancy a video since I didn't post one yet this weekend?   It doesn't get more Bob Dylan, landmark 60s, than this.  You likely know it:


Principle in the type:  "Attempt to be creative for the joy it brings ... select something like music, dance, sculpture, or poetry.  Being creative will help you enjoy life.  It engenders a spirit of gratitude." Richard G. Scott

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  1. Well, the former prestige of a Nobel prize is considerably lessened these days after the shamelessly politicized peace prize giveaway. Bob may have mixed feelings about it?