Monday, December 12, 2016


photo by June Marie

We got issues in L.A., and one of them is finding a parking space at a Trader Joe's!  For that matter parking at a Trader Joe's anywhere seems a pain in the seat belt.  And Trader Joe's is Yumsville, if you didn't know.  BuzzFeed "compiled a list of '23 Hilariously Accurate Tweets About Trader Joe's Parking Lot.' "   File this under first world problems, but still.  #ineedmytraderjoes    story

Principle in the type:  "Do not give up hope. And do not give up trying. But do give up being obsessed with it. The chances are that if you forget about it and become anxiously engaged in other activities, the prospects will brighten immeasurably. …"   Gordon B. Hinckley

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