Friday, February 20, 2015


photo by Salon NYC

What's next for the Westminster Dog Show Champ, Miss P?  Mostly retirement.  It's time to go have puppies.  news link

And if by chance she decides to settle down -- why not with Swagger?  The crowd favorite (pictured above) Old English Sheepdog who gave her a run for her money.  news link   

They could name their daughter Miss Swagger (which would be a most excellent Rap name) and thereby finish their career's in a manner that certainly qualifies as (--wait for it!--) making sweet music together.   

Principle in the type:  " . . . ponder the meaning of the words, enjoy the spirit of the music. Sing with enthusiasm without regard to your tones. You will have a good feeling, and your spirit will be enlivened . . . "   Graham W. Doxey

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