Friday, February 6, 2015


photo by Jens-Olaf Walter

"Attending the conference was Ms. Mauriciere de Govia, the superintendent of Brownsville’s school district . . . I asked for her opinion on Ms. Lopez [Principle at Mott Hall Bridges Academy, Brooklyn]: "Nadia is fearless. When she says that every kid can learn, she means it. And not only does she mean it, she puts systems in place to make it happen. It all begins with high expectations. When students arrive at this school, many of them are very behind. But Nadia sets high expectations on every one. She never says: ‘This student lives in the shelter so he deserves a break.” Or ‘Because of his parents, this student can’t be expected to keep up.’ She says: ‘This is how we do things here, and there is no sidestepping.’"    hony link

Principle in the type:  "In every high-jumping competition there is a minimum height at which the competition starts. The high jumper cannot ask to start at a lower height. . . . you must be able to clear the minimum standards.  But once you reach those minimum standards, shouldn’t you try to keep raising the bar? . . . My challenge to you is to recognize that a minimum standard exists . . . but don’t stop there. The greatest generation . . . will not reach its full potential unless it keeps raising the bar."  L. Tom Perry

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