Monday, February 2, 2015


photo by Joe Parks

Without the Green Bay Packers in the competition, does the Super Bowl really matter?  I'll let you decide on that one.

Meanwhile we have a winner, the New England Patriots.  A game's going to have a winner and a loser, but it hurts to lose from what is being titled a bad plan.  That's the general consensus at the moment:  that the Seattle Seahawks almost won except for a horrible idea of a play in the last seconds of a close game.

"This was not just an accident or a failure of motor skills . . . This was a carefully thought-out plan which prompted Wilson to throw the ball into the end zone, [with] Marshawn Lynch, the resident rhino of the NFL, standing there on second down.
As the world saw, blinked, rubbed its eyes and saw again, Wilson tried to throw to Ricardo Lockette in the end zone, just a few feet away.
Lockette was running a pick route just over the end line, in the midst of the vortex, and Malcolm Butler . . . cut in front of Lockette.
The crowd at University of Phoenix Stadium gasped, both at the audacity of the call and the mystery of the scene, and finally the outnumbered Patriots fans howled when they saw Butler come out with the ball."    article link

I don't know if you speak Football or not, but translated this means "you made a dumb move, Seahawks, and it cost you the game."  

Certainly has its challenges, being a head coach and making the play calls!  Reminds me - we are the head coaches of our own life.

Principle in the type:  "Decisions are not easy.  We make at least a million decisions during our lifetime. . . . we are bombarded by messages [every] day.  We can't use all of them.  We have to select the ones we make a permanent part of the 'film' of our lives."   Kieth Merrill

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