Saturday, January 23, 2016


photo by Jennifer Lawrence Films

Weren't Rachel McAdams and Jennifer Lawrence beautiful at the Golden Globes?  From hair to makeup to jewelry - you know, their whole 'look' was spot on?!   Kirsten Dunst's beautifully designed, Greeky' Goddessy smokin' dress, you gotta respect.  Jana Fonda's, Amy Schumur's, and Katy Perry's dresses; maybe not my favorites.   Cate Blanchett always owned.    story             . . . We like to look at pretty things.  And we judge them.   Best or Worst ...   Important to do?  Is there more to a woman than what's on the outside??     Duh.

Principle in the type:  ". . . contribution of women is often under-appreciated.  I wish to express gratitude for the influence of good women, identify some of the philosophies and trends that threaten women’s strength and standing, and voice a plea to women to cultivate the . . .  power within them.         D. Todd Christofferson 

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