Wednesday, January 6, 2016


photo by Ernest Duffoo

Recently engaged to longtime girlfriend Kristen, The Voice winner Jordan Smith (who is not a lookalike to his The Voice coach Adam Levine), told People magazine winning was a "big confidence booster."  No doubt!  But also "the show's proven to me that what matters is on the inside.  Each week, I've proven there's a place for people like me in the industry."  An industry that sometimes centers too much on a certain look or physique.    story    

Principle in the type:  "Most people never fulfill their human promise and potential because they remain perpetually helpless children overwhelmed by a sense of inferiority. The feeling of being okay does not imply that the person has risen above all his faults and emotional problems. It merely implies that he refuses to be paralyzed by them."  Thomas Harris 

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