Monday, January 18, 2016


photo by Allana

NBA star Iman Shumpert helped deliver his first child, --at home!   He "helped deliver [his and fiance Teyana Taylor's] baby when Taylor suddenly found herself in labor in the bathtub. . . . Shumpert . . . tied a pair of his red headphones around the umbilical cord of his daughter . . . until an ambulance arrived five minutes later."    ~Welcome to the Parent's Club, Ma and Pa!  story                             

Principle in the type:  "As parents, we should remember that our lives may be the book from the family library which the children most treasure.  Are our examples worthy of emulation?  Do we live in such a way that a son or a daughter may say, ‘I want to follow my dad,’ or ‘I want to be like my mother’?  Unlike the book on the library shelf, the covers of which shield its contents, our lives cannot be closed.  Parents, we truly are an open book in the library of learning of our homes.”            Thomas S. Monson


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